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Platform Update in Version 24.02: Global Service Improvement, ReCaptcha, Text-To-Speech Upgrade

Webitel's platform update

We are happy to introduce our new release in version 24/02! This time, our team has worked on improving the current platform services. The first changes concern the Admin section responsible for the general contact center settings. This includes improved options for CSV import, the ability to set work email for MS Outlook users with OAuth2 authorization and a special Calendar feature that allows you to configure work schedules for holidays or non-standard days.

The following changes were made to the Workspace section: we’ve updated the page for working with calls, chats, and tasks, improved missed call processing, updated user statuses in the search window, and improved the visual representation of variables in Markdown markup. The main page has become more informative, now it displays current calls, chats, self-assigned tasks, dynamic variables, teams and dialers for each agent. And finally, now Workspace can be downloaded separately as a full-fledged application compatible with all operational systems!

In the new release, we also took into account comments from customers and colleagues and worked on improving the Audit, Contacts, Logging, and History sections. Our team has updated app localization and security features and added new options to the Flow Manager constructor: code validation and warning about an unsaved scheme in the code.

And now, let’s take a look at our functional novelties. We are constantly improving our voice services so that Webitel customers can effectively interact with customers and achieve significant results with minimal involvement of human resources. Therefore, we are happy to announce that ElevenLabs' AI Text-To-Speech is supported in the updated version of the platform. This means more options for customizing voice services to meet your company's needs and goals.

The next big update is reCAPTCHA support in website chat for bot protection. Besides, we have added a new ‘Global Variables’  feature for use in general settings. You can save key-value in open or encrypted form for further use in routing. Thank you for always interesting questions and useful comments that help improve our platform. We invite you to contact us, and our experts will tell you in detail how to use the new functionality for the productive work of your contact center.

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