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Enjoy the benefits of having everything in one place

Perfect services to ensure seamless and productive contact center running. Tailored options for managing resources and communications. Plan, try, and adjust everything as you need

Low-code Designer

Low-code workflow Designer for contact centers by webitel
  • A simple graphical constructor that allows building various customer service scenarios for all communication channels: calls, messengers, website chats, voice robots, and chatbots

  • Schematic routing creation for voice and text communications just in a few minutes

  • Rapid workflow prototyping and modifying

  • Ability to interact with external services: databases, web services, or voice services

  • Creating dynamic pages for call classification, surveys, and various business tasks

Dialing Technologies

  • Advanced automatic dialing programs that allow maximizing contact center performance

  • Fast upload and set up of contact lists from CSV and SQL files, or through API

  • Speeding up the call list processing without increasing the number of agents

  • Callback options and scheduled call campaigns 

  • Answering machine detection tools

  • Unique forecasting and determining call intensity algorithms for effective outbound call campaigns

Dialing Technologies by Webitel

Task & Team Management

Agent with fewest calls strategy
Agent with fewest chats strategy
  • Flexible settings of work time and time zones

  • Management of access rights, roles, statuses, tasks, and KPIs of employees

  • Creating agents team depending on their competencies and skill levels

  • Tools for online monitoring the agents' performance and making real-time changes

  • Automatic allocation of requests from inbound and outbound lines to the call center agents based on their skills 

  • Task planning with the possibility of starting at a specified time

Random strategy

Queue Management

  • Combining all communication channels: calls, orders, chats – into a single system of automated request processing and distribution

  • Powerful AMD tools: only successful calls are transferred to agents

  • Setting up the priorities of the queue processing

  • Client segmentation for A/B testing of call campaigns

  • Possibility of creating the blacklists, callback lists, and missing calls lists for automated processing

Queue Management1
Queue Management2

Intelligent routing

intelligent routing by webitel
  • Various strategies for call and chat processing

  • Customizable settings for determining routing rules of any complexity

  • Automated switching between agents, managers, company departments, international offices, etc.

  • Scheduled campaigns of business tasks through different communication channels: mails, requests, messages, calls, voice services

intelligent routing options

One interface for everything

  • Friendly interface with intuitive functionality

  • Convenient applications for agents, supervisors, admins, analysts, and other contact center professionals

  • Display of essential information in a single agent’s window: customer data, knowledge base, order details, etc.

  • Keep and manage all communications in one window

One interface for calls by webitel
One interface for chats by webitel

Voice services 

Voice services by webitel
  • ​Multilevel IVR menus for inbound and outbound lines

  • Tools for creating welcome audio files, agents' greetings, and informational messages

  • Functionality for direct sales, comprehensive surveys, and customer NPS research

  • Saving contact center resources and leveling the human factor

  • Services for automated client authentication

Advanced technologies

  • AI-powered mechanisms for predicting call campaigns intensity and agent involvement

  • Data analysis based on machine learning to optimize contact center resources and direct efforts for achieving planned business goals

  • Customer data and privacy safety

  • Encrypted voice transmission

  • Multilingual speech-to-text and text-to-speech technologies for making your interaction with customers more personal and engaging

Call markup by Webitel
call recordings with advanced options

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