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How to Organize a Successful Contact Center

How to organize a successful contact center

Contact center or Call center? Despite the similar name, these are not identical concepts. Let’s try to describe the difference between those definitions. A call center is a type of customer service performed only via calls, while a contact center is a much broader concept. It covers multichannel communication with clients: through calls, messengers, emails, social media, websites, and applications. A competent contact center organization helps companies build complex, comprehensive communication with customers and understand consumers’ needs and preferences. 

In order to create a successful contact center, a company should consider several key components:

  • experienced personnel who perfectly know your products and services and can provide quality advice to clients It’s your team that forms the consumers’ impressions of your company, so it is important to hire professionals for the contact centers: agents, managers, supervisors, heads of departments, IT specialists. Constant monitoring of service level and appropriate training will help provide quality customer care and achieve planned business goals;

  • a sufficient number of communication channels These can be local and international phone numbers or virtual numbers. It depends on the company’s scope and needs;

  • reliable internet provider It is worth focusing on your experience and reviews of different service providers, because uninterrupted network access is important to support many contact center systems;

  • creating accounts in popular social media and connecting chatbots in Viber, Telegram, Facebook, and on the website to automate communication with customers This requires deep analysis of your target audience, its interests and preferences to ensure communication with clients through convenient channels;

  • reliable vendor of contact center software From simple telephony to high-load communication platforms – you can choose a solution that suits you best. When looking for a provider, you should pay attention to work automation tools (for example, intelligent routing, dialers, IVR). Intelligent routing determines rules and algorithms of call and chat distribution for inbound and outbound lines in the contact center. Dialers are automated call programs while IVR stands for customer self-service and informing. Together these tools help automate contact center operations, optimize resources, and minimize agents' downtime. Call recording and analytics services, voice services, the possibility of integrations and omnichannel client service will also come in handy to provide superior contact center performance and gain customer recognition.

Webitel’s team will be happy to help you choose the optimal functionality for your contact center, taking into account the company activity, business needs, and the projected load on the contact center: about 50 thousand, 500 thousand, and even millions of calls and chats per day.

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