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Online Calls, Dark Theme, TTS, and STT Options for Chatbots - All About the 23.12 Release

Webitel 23.12 update

We are stepping into the new year with a system update! In version 23.12, we’ve prepared plenty of new features and improvements. Let’s start with the most interesting ones. We want to introduce the first version of the mobile SDK and portal users. This allows you to initiate a call or chat from external applications. Also, we’ve added the ability to make calls from the website widget via online call functionality. This option is available for all modern browsers.

The next big thing is MonoPay support, so you can create customer invoices while communicating with them through calls or chatbots. And finally, we have added a dark theme for all applications and updated interface styles.

Platform release also includes:

  • Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text support for chatbots;

  • improvement of outgoing messages on Facebook and Viber support;

  • improvement of the CRM section: we have updated the client card, expanded the search capabilities and the functionality for working with contacts during a call;

  • barcode support for various loyalty programs;

  • advanced search options in the History section, including search by variables;

  • Predictive dialer intensity update;

  • general update of all applications and system safety.

We thank our team for their excellent work and our clients – for their feedback, which always helps us to improve the platform and adjust functionality to actual contact center needs.

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