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10 Benefits a Company Gets From Launching Its Own Contact Center

Company's benefits from launching its own contact center

Why should a company consider launching a contact center if it is easier to use the services of an outsourced call center? It depends on the company’s needs and goals. There are plenty of business tasks perfectly tailored for outsourcing, i.: market research, conducting social or consumer surveys, and support services for short-term, diverse projects. On-demand call centers will be either a good choice for new companies without professional experience in communications or for companies with clear templates of communication with customers.

But if your company is scaling a business, has complex business processes and needs to level up customer service, it’s time to consider organizing your own contact center. It certainly requires a lot of time and resources, but we assure you that with the right approach and the involvement of relevant specialists, the result will not make you wait long.

Based on customer feedback, our team prepared 10 key benefits that your company can receive from having its own contact center:

1. You set the tone of communication and control the quality of service

Each company should have its tone of voice, a unique style of communication that is common for all brand interactions with customers, partners, and various organizations. When organizing your support service, you can establish the main principles of communication with customers. You can also involve your team in discussing your brand voice, as contact center agents are often the first to communicate with customers and know all client pains and preferences. Customer feedback, Supervisor and Audit services help our clients to evaluate agents’ performance, improve service level and gain client recognition.

2. Your employees have higher involvement in company success than contractors

Employees usually share the company's values, especially when they see the impact of their work. Your colleagues know your company inside out, have detailed information about your products and services and directly participate in shaping the image of your organization. So, with the right motivation, your contact center team will demonstrate higher engagement in the company’s success, striving to achieve visible results and provide excellent customer service.

3. You receive detailed information about your audience 

Running the contact center, you get real and accurate data about your customers. This information allows you to analyze client needs and preferences, optimize the product range, divide customers into segments and prepare appropriate offers for each group.

4. Own contact center provides 360° communication with customers

By organizing the contact center, you can merge all customer communication channels (site, social media, messengers, chatbots, phone lines, email, applications, reviews) into one united system with flexible functionality for management. Thus, your customers get the opportunity to choose the most convenient way to access the brand. The client's request on the website to send order information by email, or callback option with time slot selection in the company's chatbot - customers can receive any information quickly and easily through multiple channels.

5. You can process 100% of your leads and handle millions of calls and chats daily 

Regardless of the company scope, your contact center is able to process hundreds of thousands more customer inquiries than before. This is possible thanks to automated dialing modes (dialers) that speed up contact database processing, functionality for fixing all customer requests, and intelligent call transfer to the agents or robots. Fast call and chat processing can help you increase sales and show customers your attentive attitude and professional approach.

6. You independently build and configure internal business processes

Having your own contact center gives you complete freedom to organize business processes in the way that is the most appropriate for the current needs and strategic plans of your company. To meet individual requirements of each client, we use the Flow Manager designer. It allows you to set the logic of all business processes in the contract center: configure global contact center parameters, service scenarios, tasks, routing rules, principles and schemes of interaction, etc.

7. Process automation and resource optimization

The contact center is a large and complex machine where every detail matters and affects the overall performance. When all processes in the contact center are optimized, this leads to efficient results and benefits for the company. We aim to provide companies with powerful and flexible tools for automating processes and optimizing resources. We offer many useful services for contact centers: chatbots, IVR, dialers, intelligent routing, Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text options, answering machine detection tools, automated switching between voice robots and agents, scheduled campaigns of outbound calls and tasks, statistics and analytics applications.

8. Wide opportunities for experiments and testing on small groups of contacts

Using A/B testing on small groups of customers to check updated product features or new sales strategies will surely be beneficial and cost-effective for your company. With the Flow Manager designer, you can experiment as often as you need before implementing permanent changes. Regardless of external issues (legislative changes, customer and technological trends, market expansion, force majeure circumstances), you always have a chance to adapt all processes to new market conditions.

9. You can make well-considered business decisions based on data

Taking into account the data collected and processed by your contact center, you can create and change the company's development strategy, as well as make important decisions about the business scale or diversification. Our clients are happy with Webitel's numerous data-related services: detailed statistics of calls and chats, customer interaction, popular inquiries and categories, top company products and services, favorite communication channels, and service level satisfaction.

10. You affect customer experience and brand loyalty 

Call recordings, service level evaluation, frequent client inquiries and feedback allow to define a company's position on the customer map and overall brand perception. This information also helps you to improve your products or services and enhance communication. Thus, you have a unique opportunity to build and grow reliable, long-term, trusting relationships with your customers, which can bring a win-win effect for both parties: thanks to your own contact center, you know perfectly client preferences, which allows you to prepare the relevant offer to your customer, and as a result, the customer becomes your brand ambassador through the appropriate offer and excellent service.

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