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AUDIT: Evaluating Calls and Agents in a Contact Center

Hello, our dear blog readers! Today we want to tell you about our key novelty from the latest update: an Audit module, an intelligent service for evaluating calls and agents’ work. By the way, it has a long and interesting history of creation. It’s no secret, that Webitel’s team constantly communicates with clients and likes to receive reviews and wishes for platform improvement. So we have analyzed customers’ feedback, developed a product base, implemented some unique features, added a branded interface design, and here it is – a convenient Audit application for contact center managers and training and development specialists.

The app is a comfortable work environment where you can set main assessment criteria and create different questionnaires for evaluating calls and agents’ competencies.

After listening to call recordings and filling out questionaries, auditors can analyze the skills of each agent or an entire team and write reviews with recommendations: ‘good job’, ‘excellent’, the need for training, the recommendation for promotion, etc.

Besides, the service automatically calculates the agent’s rating, based on conducted surveys so managers can assign important tasks to the most experienced personnel. The Audit app helps to examine the employees’ qualifications and see the whole picture of the current service level. We hope that this will give companies more opportunities to improve communications with customers, increase staff motivation and overall contact center productivity. We’d love to receive your feedback as you test our new functionality!

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