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Webitel Release 23.09: Meet New Advanced Features

Webitel system update v.23.09 featuring new options

We are happy to announce our new v.23.09 release with the real wow features! Let’s take a quick look at the updated functionality. Manual distribution of calls and chats is a totally new option on Webitel’s platform. It allows agents to choose subscribers from inbound queues of inquiries. You can test this option in your contact center and decide whether manual selection is appropriate for you, or maybe default distribution works better for your daily tasks.

The next novelty is “Logging”, a new section for monitoring the history of system changes, in particular, system settings of schemes and queues. And finally, we’ve added a new “Contacts” section for working with the client base. The system automatically determines whether the subscriber is present in the database, offers to create new contacts, add descriptions and tags, as well as tracks the call history for each contact. It’s just the first release of this functionality, so we are going to improve and expand it in our further updates. Feel free to test and comment on platform changes to help our team make it better for your personal needs.

Let’s move on to other Webitel v.23.09 features:

  • new widgets with statistical parameters in Workspace that describe agent performance: number of processed and missed calls, average talk time, number of processed chats, etc.;

  • ability to set limits on the number of agents that can be on break at the same time;

  • improvement of the Flow Manager apps and features;

  • update of setting interfaces for queues, agent skills, and subscriber import to dialers;

  • the Attempt Result app that allows you to set the time and number of the next dialing attempt;

  • new access rights to audio files of recorded conversations;

  • display of variables from dynamic forms and a new filter for searching by contacts in the History section

and many other interesting options that will certainly affect the contact center operation. Our team also worked on general system improvement and stability while trying to implement the main customer wishes regarding the platform functionality. Next up – new goals and even more useful updates for the productive work of your contact center.

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