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Webitel Is Featured in the Ukrainian Fintech Catalog 2023

Webitel in the fintech catalog helping financial companies automate contact centers

Ukrainian Association of FinTech and Innovative Companies together with partners announced the release of the Ukrainian Fintech Catalog 2023. The new issue is dedicated to the resilience and success of Ukrainian fintech market players despite the difficulties caused by war and its consequences. It is a deep investigation of market conditions and growth potential, challenges, and key results of the companies listed in the survey. With detailed industry statistics and data research, alongside comments of the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Deputy Ministers, Deputy Governor of the NBU, chairmans and managers of global financial companies, banks, representatives of leading institutions, funds, and international programs, the FinTech Catalog is an excellent market overview.

Webitel is proud to represent the Technology and Infrastructure sector whose market share is 24% according to the survey. For the past 11 years, we have been working with leading financial companies and banks providing them with flexible and reliable tools to handle communications with clients and prospects at a high level and in beneficial business direction. We are happy that our platform covers all contact center needs of numerous industry players. The ability to process millions of calls and chats per day for inbound and outbound lines, customized settings, tools for creating and automizing workflows, comprehensive routing, voice bots, and chatbots – all these features allow companies to build robust customer service and achieve great business results.

Webitel expertise in building and configuring omnichannel communications for financial companies

We are grateful to the Ukrainian Association of FinTech and Innovative Companies and partners for the opportunity to share our experience in participating and contributing to industry development. The full version of Fintech Catalog 2023 can be downloaded via a link.

What are the main takeaways of the survey?

  • Fintech and business resilience and flexibility

Despite the hardships of war and the vulnerable economic state, the IT industry export increased by 5,4% compared to the previous year, and the entire FinTech sector reached almost 80% of pre-war results. 96% of respondents have continued operating in Ukraine after the invasion. Even more, 7 new companies were founded. Moreover, 55% of companies are currently scaling their business, 33% – are already operating on the international market, and 52% plan to expand on a global scale this year. Approximately half of all companies have employees in the Armed Forces. 87% of respondents supported volunteer activities and donated part of their income to different campaigns and initiatives.

  • Important regulatory changes and national initiatives that will determine the further industry development

The Laws on Virtual Assets, Cloud Services, and Payment Services were signed or took effect. Some key government initiatives, as well as signed international partnerships and agreements, are considered to accelerate the development of the FinTech industry and open up more opportunities for valuable cooperation between companies and further creation of new interesting products and projects.

  • Technologies that will shape future business and customer interaction

Referring to the study, API, cloud services and chatbots are among the key demand and commonly used technologies. More and more businesses go online and feel the need to transform their services and communications to the current market conditions and customer expectations. The research claims that according to Gartner forecasts, 70% of office employees will interact with chatbots and communication platforms daily by the end of 2023.

Webitel’s internal customer statistics confirm this concept. We noticed a strong client interest in cloud PBX, API integrations, voice bots, and chatbots. During 2022 and the first half of 2023, we implemented dozens of projects, and each of them included one or more of the above technologies. With deep expertise in building seamless omnichannel communications and understanding the needs of the financial industry, Webitel offers perfect services and tools to automate contact centers, manage teams, processes, and communications as well as interact with customers smoothly and productively.

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