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Remote Teams in the Contact Center: Tools for Effective Management

Tools for effective management of remote teams in contact centers

Pandemic issues, economic crises and military actions have caused the phenomena of mass migration all over the world and, of course, affected the organization of the work process for many companies and employees. Dealing with such fast-changing business conditions, firms of all sizes must be flexible and mobile enough to survive and succeed. The ability to act quickly and be highly adaptive often determines the stability and further development of each enterprise.

Remote work has become commonplace for many companies. No doubt, it’s difficult to imagine the remote working process of a manufacturing plant, but most departments of various companies such as IT, finance and marketing, supply and sales departments, or customer service – can work productively in a remote format.

Webitel services allow you to configure in detail the work processes of both a small support service and powerful contact centers of international companies or highly loaded emergency service hotlines. We help communicate effectively with colleagues and clients, wherever they are. So let us share with you the top options of the Webitel products that allow our customers to organize effective remote work and achieve impressive results:

  • Workspace, a convenient environment for agents’ work, as well as cloud localization, allow you to be independent of physical hardware, receive calls and chats in the browser, and save the communication history in the CRM system;

  • flexible settings of time zones and working schedules, tools for creating dedicated teams with specific knowledge or certain languages spoken can be useful for companies that operate in several countries;

  • intelligent routing and low-code workflow constructor make it easy to plan and adjust customer service scenarios;

  • dialers and IVR services will help to process a large contact base and optimize employees’ work time;

  • mobile applications for iOS and Android allow you to be in touch with your team, receive calls from customers, and simply manage communications using a smartphone;

  • chatbots help save employees' working time and provide the opportunity for users to interact with the brand at any time;

  • the Supervisor module allows you to monitor and manage agents' work in real time;

  • The Auditor module is helpful for the evaluation of calls and operators’ performance, and the calculation of each agent rating to create an effective training and motivation system in the contact center

Every product feature is highly adjustable and can be customized according to the company's business needs. Feel free to contact Webitel professionals to discuss opportunities and individual options for your contact center to ensure seamless customer service and comfortable remote work processes for your employees.

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