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New System Update: Enhance Contact Center Productivity With Version 23.07

Meet our grand v.23.07 release! In a fresh system update, we’ve prepared more than 30 innovations to expand the contact center functionality and performance. The most important changes include:

  • an ability to distribute calls and chats to agents at the same time. You can easily enable an omnichannel feature in the system settings and handle text and voice communications simultaneously. With this option, you’ll be able to increase employee productivity and the number of proceeded customer requests;

  • functionality for group management of contact center agent skills: on one system tab, now you can manage skill settings and capacities for different agents at once;

  • new HTTP Rest APIs for working with variables in ended calls and chat history. This opens more opportunities for customized search and interaction with clients;

  • support of external authentication through the OpenID Connect protocol. So you can enter the system and synchronize data using ADFS, Azure, or just log in via Google and Facebook;

  • the ability to adjust the intensity of the Predictive dialer;

  • new dashboards for the Audit app.

Additionally, we have updated the authentication window for user convenience and added some important apps for the Flow low-code constructor. Also, we’ve worked on algorithms for resource groups to ensure a more even load on free lines. Besides, our developers have improved answering machine detection by adding a VAD (voice activity detection) feature. And finally, the platform users received the opportunity to work with Google Speech services in addition to Microsoft.

There were key updates of the Webitel v.23.07 release. You can request the full list of changes and an upgrade guide from your manager. We also encourage you to test and actively comment on the latest updates. And our team is already working on the next release to implement more useful features in the platform functionality. So stay tuned!

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