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New Release: Find Out the Biggest Updates in Version 23.05

Webitel platform release, version 23.05

We are happy to announce our new v.23.05 release in which we have prepared a lot of new features for excellent contact center work. The biggest and long-awaited update is the launching of an Auditor module, a convenient and smart application for evaluating the agents' work. It allows creating questionnaires, evaluating quality, calculating scores, and much more.

The next big change is web apps migration to Vue 3 thus providing developers with more freedom and flexibility to implement various features for platform users. In the Workspace app, we have added new widgets for displaying agents' performance scores and ratings as well as for displaying chat service indicators. Also, we've worked on a unified style of the call and task management buttons and placed dynamic page buttons at the page bottom for easy access.

Our team has added several improvements to the Flow Manager designer functionality, and various changes to the Admin, History, and Supervisor apps. We hope that system updates will give you more options to customize contact center processes to the current business needs and improve customer service.

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