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Meet Our New Logo!

New Webitel's logo

We are happy to announce a new visual image of Webitel. Stylish and bright, our new logo is all about communications. Communications of various volumes and through all possible channels. While working on the rebranding, we aimed to picture the key company’s activities and products. Looks like we succeeded. Looking at the design implementation, you can see the main elements that shape the platform’s mission and company’s philosophy:

  • open and smooth lines express the flexibility of the platform: you can easily customize system functionality according to the actual contact center needs and tasks;

  • blue means reliability and stability, and purple – creativity and aspiration for constant improvement, while the gradient is about the diversity of industries and projects we work with;

  • the handset represents calls, the send icon is about chats, the envelope means emails, and together they form omnichannel communications in the contact center;

  • and W stands for Webitel.

With a new logotype, we want to spell out the message: ‘It’s time for changes, meaningful things, and active development’. Therefore, we believe that our new visual image will be the beginning of a new era in the company's history.

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